What is a Triple Bunk Bed?

Understanding Triple Bunk Beds

what is a triple bunk bed

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A triple bunk bed is a bed with three bunks. It's often used in children's bedrooms, but they're also found in dorm rooms and other communal spaces. The term "triple bunk bed" can be a little misleading; it's technically not three beds — it's one large bed that has space for three mattresses or mattresses stacked on top of each other so that sleepers have their own space within the same frame.

How much space do I need for a triple bunk bed?

Before you start shopping, you need to measure your space. You'll want to know:

  • The height of the ceiling. This is important because bunk beds are taller than regular beds and may not fit in rooms with low ceilings. (We recommend a minimum 8-foot tall ceiling for a triple bunk bed.)
  • The width of the room. A triple bunk bed will take up more floor space than two twins, so make sure there's enough room in front of it and on either side before buying one!
  • How much space is available between each bed rail? If you have small children who might someday sleep in this set, keep an eye out for rails that don't stick out too far from the top or bottom beds — some models can crowd kids' feet when they're climbing or getting down into bed!

After measuring everything out, check that there's enough room for a person—or three people—to move around comfortably around their new bunk bed purchase!

Which mattress size should I choose?

  • Choose a mattress that will give you the most support and comfort.
  • If you don't have a specific need for extra space, one twin size would be sufficient for children.
  • For adults, we recommend getting two full size mattresses to provide sufficient space for sleeping in each bed.

Can I separate the bunks?

You can separate the bunks and use one bed as a loft bed. This will allow you to have 3 people sleeping in your bunk beds triple. If you are planning on doing this, we would recommend purchasing a divider so that each person has their own space.

If you want more privacy than just a divider, we would recommend installing a wall between both beds for extra privacy and comfort. You can also place a door on the opposite side of where your headboard is placed if you choose not to install another divider in between the two beds next to each other instead of above headboard areas (see picture below).

Triple bunk beds are perfect space-saving solutions without compromising on style.

If you're looking to maximise your space and get the most out of your house, then triple bunk beds are the perfect solution. They are particularly useful if you have a small room that still needs to be suitable for guests, or perhaps when you want to provide a separate sleeping area for children who want their own space but don't need an entire bedroom of their own.

Triple bunk beds can also be used in holiday homes or other areas where space is at a premium. Many people choose this type of bed as it allows them to cram extra beds into smaller rooms, allowing them to accommodate more guests than they would otherwise have been able to do so with conventional single or double bunks.

As well as being great for saving space, these types of beds look stylish too, giving any room an airy feel without sacrificing style or comfortability. In addition, many modern designs feature built-in storage compartments underneath each bed which makes them even more functional as well as attractive!